Welcome to RadJoy Community

A meeting place for people who boldly remind the Earth of its beauty

About RadJoy Community

Welcome to RadJoy Community, the online hub for people who are committed to finding and making wild acts of beauty in hurt and challenged places! You're welcome whether you've been doing this practice for years or if you're just discovering it and want to know more.

Since 2009 Radical Joy for Hard Times has brought people around the world closer to the challenged places they care about. We deliberately created an organization and a practice that had a few basic guidelines, yet would be flexible and adaptable to be meaningful, whatever your race, religion, background, gender, or age.

Around the world, RadJoy has brought people closer to the places they love, from scientists in Antarctica to Franciscan monks in upstate New York to school children in Johannesburg. Our simple practices and life-changing philosophy are crucial for thriving in hard times—and becoming more so at this time of ecological, social, and personal crisis.

How we'll make it work

People in 39 countries and 41 states have embraced the RadJoy Practice. And yet, this pioneering work can be so unfamiliar, and even strange, to others that members of our network sometimes feel alone when they set out to explain or enact our practices. With RadJoy Community, you can connect with people in your own bioregion and those around the world who are concerned about the same things you are (for example, gas fracking, deforestation, or ocean life). Come to RadJoy Community to share your ideas, stories, frustrations, challenges, and triumphs. Together we'll spread this vital work to more and more places and the people who love them.

A big thanks

It takes courage to face places that have been damaged by hurricane, fracking, species extinction, and other challenges. You are one of the people who has that courage, and RadJoy would not exist without you! We look forward to learning, growing, and giving more beauty to more places together.